First update of any of my games

This is pretty exciting. I have never before updated one of my games. I usually make a project get bored and move on, but I have broken the cycle!  About a month ago I had some friends over to play my game and they had lots of issues with the balance (although they still had fun!). This was able to encourage me to finally update a game of mine. Now that I've gotten through my riveting story here are the changes:

Patch notes:

- Added 2 player mode

- Demons now have a little swoosh animation when they swing, showing how large they're hitbox is and gives feedback to players

- Elves have a charge mechanic, knockback and speed is increased the longer the button is held. 

- Demon knockback has been increased by 25%

- Various changes to make input and menu control more consistent, allowing the whole game to be played with a controller

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Mar 18, 2022

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